Computer Groups Online – How to Write an Article on Computer Gaming Communities

It’s no wonder with the popularity of computer games that so many groups are forming online. Some people liken these computer gaming communities online to a Virtual Alcoholics Anonymous, as they say that; “Most of the computer gamers that are so into it, that they would join such a group are obviously addicted.”

In fact, it was recently noted that 20% of all computer gamers were addicted to playing computer games. In these online communities it’s hard to say, but most believe the rate of addiction is quite higher. Of course, I’m not here to criticize anyone, as there are lot worse things to be addicted too.

After all, the people that play computer games have excellent dexterity skills, fast decision-making processing, and their brains actually work different and better than many people who don’t play. Look, if you are computer gamer; I’m not trying to butter you up, I’m just telling you what the psychological scientific research papers say.

Now then, with all these people interested in joining these gaming communities, they need people to write articles online rating them. Some are small groups, others just have online forums, and still others have tens of thousands of members, seriously no kidding. And they know more about a particular video game than most people know about their industry or profession worked in it for 30 years.

Yeah, that’s what I thought when I first noticed all this; these so-called computer addicts, are experts, and well, they know it too.

Over the years, I’ve written quite a few articles on this topic, and now I realize that my articles are being read by computer gamers all over the place, all over the world in fact. What I found is that there is a lack of content, or articles reviewing all the different communities of computer gamers.

If you write articles on this topic you are bound to get lots of traffic to your website. I sure hope you will consider this as I’ve sure had a great time writing these articles, hell it’s like a game to me. Think on it.

Share, Ask, Clarify and Discuss With the Horse Race Game Community

Horse racing fans can take advantage of the numerous betting horse racing systems available on the internet. Although many of them offer unique features and are completely safe to use, there are several others that rely on pure luck. You should avoid using the latter betting horse racing systems since they only increase the player’s chances of losing money.

With the advent of virtual video games, betting on horses no longer remains just a gamble but has become a source of entertainment for horse lovers of all ages. The rising popularity of games on the internet has multiplied the number of online horse race game community. Here you will find ardent fans belonging to different types of background.

Players can experiment with several, different kinds of exclusive online video games that offer the best of both the worlds. These games provide the player with numerous, virtual opportunities of owning, breeding, training and racing horses against a global horse race game community of players. Players can also chat with other members of the horse race game community and share game tips.

Games enable the player to develop their trading skills. Players can also discuss various topics related to game as well as ask questions and clarify doubts through horse racing forums. Many of the online race gaming communities also provide the player with newsletters and RSS feeds that helps in keeping the members abreast with the latest horse racing events.

Online horse racing games are great fun and can be played both with friends and family. Gamers can also try their luck at winning racing game community points. You can read interesting blogs written by professional racing jockey and trainers as well as listen to podcasts on gaming websites.

Majority of the online gaming websites feature quotes, virtual tournaments, free games, screenshots, add-ons, racing videos and game reviews. Besides this, players can also win loads of prizes as well as free stuff. And if you are lucky, you may get a chance to meet some of the top experts in the industry.

Should Kids in Gaming Communities Be Tested For Future Robotic Military Jobs?

The United States Air Force has increased their robotic unmanned aerial vehicle training and can no longer fit into the current facilities, and therefore an entire new training facility and squadron is being created in Alamogordo, New Mexico just to help fill the demand.

The United States Air Force is adding 380 UAVs this year alone and needs pilots to fly them. Of course, these aerial vehicles are being flown by pilots that are on the ground in Little Rooms looking at computer screens and displays.

Have You Assessed Your New Found Video Gaming Skills Lately?

Maybe you might apply to become a Air Force UAV pilot, where you will be controlling an unmanned aerial vehicle in the battlespace against our enemies. This would take your video gaming skills to a whole new level. And you get paid for playing, and you’d be expected to win; Every Time! Are you good enough to go for it?

10% of All Video Gamers Are Addicted; What is the Percentage in Gaming Communities?

Well, maybe you are addicted to computer-video-games and if you are, maybe you should be getting paid for it by working for the United States Air Force. Believe it or not your country needs your skills, and you would be helping the world getting rid of pirates and terrorists.

Gaming Gone Wild – When Simulators Get Too Real

Of course, things get pretty interesting when simulators and video-computer-games go from having fun, to real life. There are real enemy combatants on the other side of that video-screen that you will be targeting and destroying. Not everybody can handle that, when it is in real life. Can You?

Members of Gaming Communities Are The Best Video Game Designers; Tap Into Innovation

You are probably asking who is writing all this new software for all these UAVs, believe it or not many of the top programmers are also part of gaming communities and were once top computer gaming players themselves once. It’s a whole new world out there, and maybe it’s time you got your piece of it. Please consider all this.

How to Possibly Be Part of the on the Internet Gaming Community

These free games have stood against time and they have struggled with the quite a few technological advances that have ruined lots of video game titles in the past mainly because of the graphical capabilities.

The on the net community regularly conducts tourneys for arcade quests with massive prize money at stake.

In May 2007, Xbox came out with a new Pac-Man and it conducted a championship in New York for your championship title of highly successful and well-liked game.

Nine finalists from around the world fought each other for a one of a kind Pac-man inspired Xbox 360 console, 100,000 Microsoft points, and a Pac-Man Live Arcade Trophy.

As for the finalists, you’ll find that they came from all over the world. They were arcade leaders from Japan, USA, Europe, the Middle East, Australia, New Zealand, Canada and even Mexico. When it comes towards cause for the on the web arcade you may uncover that there can be a substantial demand for these multiplayer games. You might also discover that these gaming applications have survived decades and pressed on by means of intense competition.

The resurgence of arcade titles on consoles and handhelds is one more cause for the growing arcade communities. The on-line arcade communities have made sure that arcade online games are here to stay.

The arcade online game have shown intense surviving skills because they’ve made it with the test of home entertainment systems to moving on on the net. The arcade communities have played a massive part in seeing the genre with the hardest of times.

When it comes to the internet you might come across that these gaming communities are in a rise, since these communities are very closely related that it’s almost like being a cult.

Gaming Communities as a Simulation Tool to Fight Piracy on the High Seas

With all the 10s of millions of Americans playing online war games in gaming communities, it seems there is a tremendous amount of brain power being expended each and every day. These humans are learning to adapt, fight, strategize, and make decisions on the fly – with one goal in mind; to win, and, winning means scoring the most points, eliminating the most enemies, and surviving to fight another day, which does indeed sound a lot like the real thing – that is to say; war in the real world.

Training the military strike teams using simulation works and is a wise use of such technology. From logistical work to the tip of the sword simulation and online community gaming should be tapped to do this training. That makes sense right? Sure it does it makes sense on so many levels, and thus, I am pleased to say that it’s now being done.

In fact, there was a very interesting article published not too long ago in Homeland Security News titled “New Anti-Piracy Tool: 1,000-Participant Internet Wargame” published on May 10, 2011″ which stated; “The U.S. Navy is recruiting a community of more than 1,000 players from across the U.S. government to collaborate on solving real-world problems facing the U.S. Navy: high-seas piracy; the participants will be asked to suggest ways to combating piracy off the coast of Somalia.”

In discussing this concept with a fellow think tanker, Troy Laclaire, we had considered who the participants are scheduled to be, and perhaps which groups were excluded, why, and even why they should have been included in this Massive Multiplayer Online War Game Leveraging the Internet or MMOWGLI. As you may well know, Troy is an expert on online gaming communities. Troy said he believed the idea was interesting yet also noted;

They will be pulling players from “academia, defense, and government and nongovernment organizations”. Perhaps they need to setup such a system and allow for the average person to try it out. [This was they might] increase the talent pool, and perhaps get more solutions, [Also,] since they do say “nongovernment organizations” however, they should specify the type.

Troy has also suggested that perhaps these gaming simulations should be played by both gamers and non-gamers. And those expert gaming folks may indeed be able to add value to this strategy and come up with an array of realistic solutions as well. All great suggestions indeed and so, I hope you will please consider all this and think on it.

Online Gaming Communities to Mend International Relations

Today we see the OLPC or One Laptop Per Child program help bring emerging nations into the 21st Century and children can communicate with one another from other nations, they can work together and collaborate using computers to do projects and group thinking. This is a wonderful thing indeed, then there are international blogging groups where bloggers from around the world communicate and discuss things. We also see how sporting events like the Olympics and Soccer have united the world, and let’s not forget the Space Program too.

Still, it makes sense to continue to unite the world and ditch the misunderstanding involved in the vast differences in culture, religions and customs. Another way we can do this is through online gaming communities that use networks that go worldwide so that the players can work in teams and even compete against each other, thus building camaraderie too. Luckily, this is already taking place and many computer gamers are linked up and participating in online gaming, with folks not just in their own nations, but half way around the globe.

This new trend and the availability of high speed networks and internet is making it all possible, and the speeds are similar to being in the next room and on the same network, imagine the future possibilities for peace, all through something as simple and fun as online gaming. Recently, the Online Think Tank noted the speeds and increasing ability of international internet networking, mostly due to online trading, where everything happens instantaneously. Nevertheless, borrowing these ultra fast systems, means ultra fact communication in gaming and perhaps the ultimate in new way to unite the world.

Members of Gaming Communities Are the Best Video Game Designers – Tap Into Innovation

Video and Computer Gaming Software Companies know who their biggest consumers and clients are, and they do not have to look far for fan clubs, gaming communities, and diehards. Nor, do they have to look far for their most outspoken and outrageous critics either. Indeed, some of their biggest fans and biggest critics turn out to often be one of the greatest untapped resources known to mankind. That’s right, these gurus of the game, many of which are computer gaming addicts, some even self-proclaimed, are ripe for future gaming software designers, and consultants.

After all, in any business if you want to make your business better you must listen to your customers, and interestingly enough, these consumers of electronic chaos are more than happy to give their opinions, suggestions and even write code and provide animation. It is amazing how these open source gamers are taking these games far beyond what any innovative originators could even imagine. Indeed, members of Gaming Communities make the very Best Video Game Designers, and it is would crazy not to tap Into Innovative spirit.

Best of all many of them are willing to spend countless hours working for free and when offered a percentage of the increased sales for their new developments they are all-in and take their hobbies to a whole new level. They are literally on a mission to out create and out innovate not only the original designers, but the designers of all the video games ever produced. This increases the natural incremental evolution, and provides all gamers with unlimited new and cool applications and better games.

Can Gaming Communities Solve Political and Federal Budget Issues?

Ever since gaming communities started using Microsoft’s SimCity to design cities of the future, many have marveled at how many interesting ideas, solutions, and concepts have been created to solve the challenges of mankind’s urban environment. After all, a civilization has to run like a Swiss Watch in order to deliver the economies of scale that serve both the whole and the individual.

When building a city or urban metropolis in SimCity’s simulation game, the designer must consider the challenges of transportation, energy, water, education, distribution, banking, quality of life, communication, and then consider how best to incorporate all the synergies. Now then, that’s a lot of thought and thus, a lot of great ideas can come from allowing people to play such a game. However, what if we used gaming communities to solve political and Federal Budget issues as well? Would this be possible?

Where gamers would design economies, money flows, banking systems, stock markets, and government flows of information, taxation, revenue collection, and distribution of services and monies to individuals, pensioners, retired folks, healthcare facilities, and all the other things the government does such as; trash collection, postal services, police, and fire. Is it possible for gaming communities to design a better world within the political structures that now exist?

Can they design better federal and state budgets? Some would say, “I doubt they could do any worse than our current leadership!” And when we look at the trillion dollar deficit of the Federal Budget for fiscal year 2009, or the 26 Billion Dollar Deficit in California, it appears we need them. Please consider all this.

How to Protect Your Children When Engaged in Online Gaming Communities

Many children are now engaging in online gaming through gaming communities on the internet. While this was once deemed a generally “safe” practice, many parents have discovered that there are many dangerous individuals looking to steal information from your computer systems and find out information about children and their families through these gaming communities.

Here, you will learn important steps on protecting your children in online gaming communities. You can learn how to keep the kids safe, as well as how to ensure data security on your computer system by implementing the steps that are listed in this tutorial.

If you want to protect your data and your children, the very first thing that you should do is to ensure that you coach your children on the safety measures that should be taken while participating in online gaming. For example, children should never reveal their names on the internet, their location, or names of schools and other community organizations.

It is also important to ensure that your children understand what viruses and spyware is. They should know not to download anything from the internet without your approval. This includes attachments that may come through email and instant messaging programs. These types of downloads may contain viruses, keylogger programs, and more.

If your children will be participating in game play on online gaming communities, it is absolutely essential that you ensure that a good antivirus program and spyware program, like Windows Defender, is being run on the operating system. This way, if the child accidentally downloads a program that is malicious, your data will be immediately protected and the threat can be identified and eliminated.

You should, as the parent, educate yourself on game ratings and each game that your child is interested in taking part in. You must carefully read the terms that are associated with the website to determine if the code of conduct is appropriate for your child. In World of Warcraft, for example, cyberbullying and profanity is not acceptable. You may prefer to stick to games like this.

When your child participates in an online gaming community, it is important that they do so only under your supervision. You may want to make sure that you know who the people are that frequent the online gaming communities, what type of programs are offered there – like chat and forum discussions – and more. This will give you a good idea on the limitations that you should set with your child.

It is important that you have some guidelines laid out for your child if they participate in online gaming communities. You may elect to restrict the amount of time in which the child participates, their level of participation, and many other factors. The child should be old enough to understand and adhere to these guidelines. If they are not, then they should not be participating in online gaming communities at all.

It is important that you keep the level of communication open between you and your child when it comes to the gaming community that they are participating in. For example, if someone is using vulgar or obscene language, you should be told. If someone is requesting personal information from your child, they should be comfortable in informing you of this violation of privacy.

If the online gaming community has voice chat options and features, you should be cautious of allowing your child to communicate in this manner. If you do permit your child to engage in voice chat, it is important to ensure that voice masking technology is used to ensure that the child is not targeted because of their age. You will also want to ensure that you monitor these activities as closely as possible.

Remember, as a parent, it is your responsibility to keep your child safe while they are online. By taking the preventive measures mentioned in this tutorial, you are doing just that. If you follow these guidelines, you are also taking the steps necessary to ensure data security on your computer system.

Join a Gaming Community and Get a Creative IQ Boost of 20%

Did you know the playing video games and computer games will increase your creative IQ? It will also help you make decisions faster and just like someone who plays chess; it will teach you to use your intuition as well as your skills and logic. When researchers run fMRI brain scans on kids they show that the brain lights up and runs full tilt when playing a very rapid video game. When you join a gaming community you will get a boost in your creative IQ and some believe as much as 20%.

This is because you will be discussing strategies in advance; what other people playing the same video game think. You will use those strategies under rapid fire and extreme circumstances as your brain works very hard and very fast to make decisions and coordinate your play. Older people that play video games have quite a bit less chance of getting degenerative brain diseases. Your brain is a tool, and you either use it, or you lose it.

Many folks give video gamers a hard time and they consider anyone that’s in a gaming community online to be somewhat of a malcontent, or a geek. I would ask them to think twice about such comments because these so-called geeks are probably much smarter and more creative than you. These gaming communities are full of geniuses and innovative creative anomalies. If you’d like to have fun, increase your creative IQ and meet some very interesting people, then you should be joining a gaming community of your choice. Please consider all this.